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Our Tijuana Dental Clinic

Our Modern Tijuana Dentist Facilities

eg1Our facilities are superb and high-quality equipped. Dr. Vazquez, our specialist for dental implants, has available everything needs for every procedure including: digital panoramic x-ray, intra-oral cameras and HD monitors, digital bitewing x-rays. This way he has full access and visibility to patient’s mouth.

Our main clinic has 3 full-time staff dentists, and our general procedures clinic has two full-time staff dentists. We have all board certified dentists, specialists on call (endodontists) and an anesthesiologist here in Tijuana, Mexico. Dr. Vazquez will make sure that all your procedures are done at accordance to highest quality and protocols, thanks to his skill in planning and coordinating his patent’s treatments.

In Tijuana Mexico, you will come to know that all our dentists are of the highest level of expertise and that your dental treatments will be in hands of highly qualified professionals. Dr. Vazquez, who trained his dentist skills in the US, knows very well how to provide you with quality service, you would normally expect from a US dental office, and he will even strive to exceed that expected level.

Our clinic is also a part of the Sterilizer Monitoring Program, called the “Enviro-Tech”. This means that a third party monitors our sterilization of all instruments from outside, in order to ensure that our patients are protected by perfectly safe and sterilized instruments.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]