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The idea of losing your natural teeth and getting dentures can be daunting. Some patients may need dental extractions for long-term health for various reasons, such as injury, illness, or genetics. Visiting a dentist in Mexico for dentures offers high-quality, affordable solutions. You’ll quickly have a new, confident, and beautiful smile.

Getting Dentures in Tijuana, Mexico

Some patients require complete dentures, while others may need partial dentures. After a thorough examination by our dentist in Tijuana, Mexico, it will be determined whether complete or partial dentures are necessary. Partial dentures replace a row of missing teeth, attaching to the surrounding teeth. This option suits generally healthy patients needing multiple teeth removal in one area. Full dentures are typically recommended for those with significant tooth damage. Concerns often revolve around the healing period after tooth extraction and before permanent dentures. To address this, our Mexican dentists provide temporary dentures, allowing patients to maintain a healthy smile during the up-to-six-month healing process before permanent denture placement.

Types of Materials Use for Denture

In Tijuana, Mexico, we use high-quality, durable materials for both partial and full dentures. Our primary choice is top-quality acrylic, with options like megaflex, Valplast, and quality metal frames. These materials are custom-fitted for your comfort and anatomical compatibility.

For dentures, choosing our Mexican doctors means substantial savings while maintaining high-quality care and materials, equivalent to those in the US but at a much lower cost.

Cost of Dentures

Many patients choose Mexico for dentures due to the significant cost savings. In the US, single denture plates can cost between $450 and $1150, while in Mexico, the price ranges from just $300 to $560 per single plate.

Dentures in Tijuana

Procedure of Dentures in Tijuana

Consultation: Begin with an initial consultation with a dentist to assess your needs and oral health.

Treatment Plan: A personalized plan is created, determining the type of dentures and materials to be used.

Impressions: Precise mouth impressions are taken to ensure a proper fit.

Trial: Trial dentures are fitted and adjusted for comfort and appearance.

Final: Custom-made final dentures are created to match your natural teeth.

Fitting and Education: Your dentist fits your final dentures and provides care instructions.

Follow-Up: Regular follow-up appointments are scheduled for adjustments and maintenance.


Q: What are dentures, and how do they work?

  • These are removable replacements for missing teeth. They restore your smile and help you chew, speak, and maintain facial structure.

Q: Do it look natural, or will people notice I’m wearing them?

  • Modern dentures are designed to look natural. They’re customized to match your mouth’s shape, size, and color, so most people won’t even notice.

Q: Are dentures comfortable to wear?

  • It may take some getting used to, but they should be comfortable. If they cause discomfort, consult your dentist for adjustments.

Q: How long does it typically last?

  • It can last 5-10 years or more with proper care. Over time, adjustments or replacements may be needed as your mouth changes.

Q: What’s the best way to care for dentures?

  • To care for it, clean them daily, remove them at night to let your gums rest, and visit your dentist for regular check-ups and adjustments.

Q: Why should I consider getting dental crowns in Tijuana?

  • Getting dental crowns in Tijuana offers quality care at a more affordable cost compared to many places in the U.S., without compromising on the quality of materials and treatment.

Q: Is it safe to get dental in Tijuana?

  • Yes, it can be safe! Many dental clinics in Tijuana adhere to international standards and have skilled dentists. Research and choose a reputable clinic for your peace of mind.

Q: What’s the process for international patients seeking dental in Tijuana?

  • It’s quite straightforward. You can schedule an initial consultation online, and many clinics offer assistance with transportation and lodging for your convenience.

Q: How do I take care of my dental treatments after getting them in Tijuana?

  • Caring for dental treatment in Tijuana is much like anywhere else. Brush, floss, and maintain regular dental check-ups. Your dentist will provide specific care instructions.

Q: Can I enjoy Tijuana’s attractions while getting dental, or should I take it easy?

  • Definitely! Tijuana has a lot to offer. While you should rest after the procedure, you can explore the city, savor local cuisine, and experience its vibrant culture during your visit.

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