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We are a dental clinic in Tijuana where our treatments are based on the best option for the patient, and we have the best dentists who specialize in dental restorations, zircons and porcelain dental crowns, orthodontics, dental implants, white fillings, whitening, etc. . We have a team of specialists for any treatment to provide you with the best service, we also have a sterilization protocol for our instruments that meets the highest standards to provide security against contamination. Also our prices are affordable compared to U.S.A

It is important to know that Baja Dental Solutions provides the service that transports the border line to the clinic and from the clinic to the border line with the USA.

In Tijuana Mexico, you will come to know that all our dentists are of the highest level of expertise and that your dental treatments will be in hands of highly qualified professionals. Dr. Vazquez, who trained his dentist skills in the US, knows very well how to provide you with quality service, you would normally expect from a US dental office, and he will even strive to exceed that expected level.

We guarantee you to provide our craft and materials, as well as fixing any previous work here in our clinic. We will always stand behind our work and provide best service possible work. This guarantee covers any possible flaws in the materials that may occur later on, as well as any other problems that might result, for example a crown coming off, a denture or a crown that might need any adjustment, or a procedure that needs to be repeated because it hasn’t been done properly. Any work that is under the guarantee will not be charged extra money.

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Our Prices

Zirconia Crowns

$390 dlls each

PFM Crown

$230 dlls each

Root Canal

$250 dlls each

Zirconia Veneers

$390 dlls each

Root Canals

If you need a root canal, Baja Dental Solutions is your best option. Our specialist can offer you the highest quality, painless treatment at an affordable cost than in the United States.

 Root canal symptoms: 

It is not very easy to know if you need a root canal procedure and usually no symptoms are there. However, some common symptoms that suggest that you need a root canal include:

  • Extended pain or sensitivity to cold or hot temperatures 
  • Excessive toothache pain when applying pressure or chewing
  • Darkening or discoloration of the tooth
  • Tenderness and swelling in nearby gums
  • Persistent or recurring pimple on the gums

 Zirconia Crown

The zirconia crown is the most requested at this time for its high durability, hardness and natural finish.

Compared to PFM Crown it is more aesthetic, resistant and does not stain the gum.

Compared to the E-Max, the zirconia crown is stronger and more durable.

This crown can be used in any area of the mouth, replacing molars, premolars and anterior teeth (the front).

In general, zirconia crowns are the best option for patients seeking the best quality for their teeth.


1  -Dental implant: a screw that acts as the root for your new tooth / teeth. This is attached to the jaw permanently giving stability to dental crowns to replace missing teeth.

2- A connector that holds the implant dental crown or dental bridge.

3 -The dental crown or prosthetic tooth: This is the part of the tooth that is visible. It is usually made of porcelain or zirconia for good looks and durability.


The all-in-four treatment consists of placing a total prosthesis on dental implants, it can also be used for total prosthetics with porcelain teeth that recover the bite, they must not have teeth up or down (this procedure is used for the upper and lower part). From the mouth.

The cost of the treatment is 6600 dlls per arch (does not include extractions or bone graft)


Amalgam free dentistry is the approach that we have adopted at Baja Dental Solutions for a beautiful, healthier world.

Baja Dental Solutions offers you dental health solutions that are strong and aesthetically appealing!

Bonded tooth-colored fillings are needed in case of dental damage, such as cavities, chipped teeth, gaps between teeth, and even to replace old fillings and mercury fillings. At Baja Dental Solutions we offer high quality restorations, durability and a natural finish.


In Baja Dental Solutions Tijuana we care about your health, and that is why we use one of the safest sterilization systems which is the autoclave Speedclave M7 which is responsible for eliminating any bacteria or viruses that may be present in the instruments by contagion Another patient, It is so reliable it eliminates even the HIV virus

In our office we offer a service of first as in the friendly treatment both in the materials, one of the most used is our compocite which is used to fill the cavities this material is of the brand 3M that within dental area is one of the Of the highest quality.

Ziconia Bruxir

To make our smile designs we always rely on the best materials that gives us the highest aesthetic quality and durability and that better than ziconia bruxir which gathers everything necessary to offer you as customers the best in the market at an affordable price.

Zoom System

When we talk about tooth whitening we only have an option that guarantees us an expectacular result and this is zoom system we use from its first generations to date, with the satisfaction that we give the best whitening service in the market.


Why choose Baja Dental Solutions in Tijuana?

  1. We are very conveniently located. Tijuana is just across the border from San Diego California. You can easily drive to the border, park on the US side, and walk into Tijuana. We can pick you up once you walk across, and take you to our clinics. If you are flying into San Diego, we will pick you up at the airport. If you choose to drive in, we can give you easy directions, and can supply you with a pass to go back through the medical lane, which takes just a fraction of the time to re-enter the US. We are in the Zona Rio, the nicest, and most modern area of the city. You will feel very safe and secure.
  2. Our prices are very competitive. The costs of dental work, or medical treatments will average from 20% to 30% of what is normally charged in the USA. That makes our treatments very affordable.
  3. The quality of care is very comparable to what you would receive in the US. We even offer a guarantee for our workmanship, and materials. On dental care, we will repeat or replace treatments at no charge, other than the lab fees.
  4. We will make all your hotel arrangements, and help coordinate your stay while in Tijuana.