Patient Reviews


Patient Reviews

I have been wearing dentures as far back as decade, since I lost a few teeth (fundamentally in light of the fact that I wasn’t for the most part energetic about dental care before) in the lower bit of my mouth. At in the first place, the dentures handled my issues. In any case, after some time, I saw that the dentures were starting to get uncomfortable and in spite of the way that they were adjusted reliably, they didn’t for the most part fit well. I went online and found that the jawbone starts to dissolve after a few years when you have lost a couple teeth in there. My wife had recommended that I get dental implants, and after researching the costs a bit, it was just far too costly in the U.S. I read an article online that it’s a great deal less expensive to do dental work in Mexico and after a couple of hours of searching for the best places, I found Baja Dental Solutions Tijuana. They offer implants at a small part of the cost in the U.S. So I, in a split second, took action. I made a trip to San Diego and was pleasantly surprised by the transport organization. After the operation, I was taken back to the air terminal. How helpful is that! Genuinely refreshing about Baja Dental Solutions Facility is that they have an online service to book arrangements. I can undoubtedly set an appointment at the comfort of my home (and without experiencing the distress of calling since right now my speech is still affected). The client service staff worked quickly, and an appointment was made. I was to a great degree satisfied with the procedure. Currently I have a full set of teeth once more, which are unmistakably whiter than previous ones, thanks to the laser whitening technology. I will most come back to Baja Dental Solutions Tijuana Clinic, and I am bringing my best friend with me!


First I felt that going on a trip to Tijuana to get dental procedure is insane. Isn’t that town a thousand miles away? Oh, my lack of knowledge in geography stopped me from getting toBaja Dental Solutions Tijuana Clinic a lot sooner. When I think about all the cash I would have spared in dental surgery, I would be able to just wish that I got some answers concerning “dental tourism” prior. Baja Dental Solutions Tijuana Clinic is not just very close to the U.S. border. The costs there are truly incredible and the staff is extremely pleasant. A big admiration for Baja Dental Solutions Tijuana facility and see you in two or three days for another procedure!




The first occasion, when I had read about doing dental implants, I originally thought they were truly extraordinary. At that point, I discovered the amount of money they would cost (considering I am feeling the loss of a molar and one canine tooth), so I thought they weren’t a good solution for me. What happened to those cheap dentures! In any case, I was in need to go for the less expensive dentures, which could be paid by my insurance.  However, the advantages of getting dental implants were indeed calling to me. So I took a chance with searching for an approach to get less expensive dental implants. Over here was one dental center close to my office (not going to say its name ) that offered low priced implants, however, once I made an inquiry or two, a number of their patients were not quite satisfied by their service. So once I discovered Baja Dental Solutions Tijuana (a touch off the suspicion, however, since it’s in Mexico), I had a number of fears. I met a friend of mine who went to Baja Dental Solutions Tijuana for some teeth whitening, and she had said the staff was decent comparing to American dental facilities, yet the costs were extremely affordable. I went along and had such an extraordinary treatment in the Mexico center. So much admiration for Baja Dental Solutions Tijuana!



There were a number of times when I wished my teeth looked better. They weren’t exactly terrible, a few faulty ones that are placed down in my mouth, some yellowed teeth due to the fact that I used to smoke for a few years, while I was working an extremely stressful job. I figure I could’ve lived with my defective teeth, however at times scraps of food would get stuck in the faulty ones (you know, the enormous teeth that appear as though they were on top of one another), and no there was no brushing or flossing can get them out. I have had dental and health insurance, however I was informed that most of the dental procedures I needed to have done are corrective and in this manner not secured by the insurance. This didn’t generally sit well with me, and after several requests with my insurance agency I’ve chosen to pay for teeth fixing and brightening I could call my own cost. Perhaps my choice was carried on by the disturbance with the insurance agency, given the fact that when I figured out the amount I should pay, I let myself know I can live with irregular and yellowed teeth. There was this time when my sister Roxanne went to Tijuana for two or three days. She’s quite a beach bum, so I assumed she just went there for a beach field trip. When she got back, she asked whether there was anything different about her. When she smiled, I quickly saw that her teeth are considerably whiter than my own, and this is a lady who smokes a pack of cigarettes in one sitting. I asked her where she had teeth brightening done, and she said it was in Tijuana. My sister said that she went to Baja Dental Solutions in Tijuana, and I promptly asked that gives me the location so I can take a look at it on a weekend or something. She let me know that Baja Dental Solutions Tijuana Clinic has a site, and I promptly signed onto that site on my iPhone. Everything appears genuine, and they have a page where I can without much of a stretch book a dental arrangement on the web. I took a bit of time off from work (I required vacation, at any cost), and traveled to San Diego to get the Border Shuttle to the center. When I got to Baja Dental Solutions Tijuana Clinic, I was extremely satisfied to figure out that they have Zoom II laser brightening. This treatment is something that has appeared during my research on teeth brightening. The center is perfect and proficient looking, and the dental specialist who performed the Zoom II strategy on me was extremely pleasant. I simply needed to attempt the laser brightening framework in Baja Dental Solutions Tijuana Clinic, yet after a brief interview, I figured out that they can likewise take care of my abnormal teeth—and that is something that will get me to return to Tijuana. You rock Baja Dental Solutions Tijuana Clinic! I’m anticipating a long dental partnership with you and your stunning staff!


On the off chance that there’s anything in this world that I really despise, dental practitioners would be the answer. Furthermore, second on that rundown is not getting the best treatment for my cash. I had an awful experience with a tooth extraction in the past—the dental practitioner wasn’t generally careful with how he hauled out my tooth and he charged huge costs as well. So when I required a root canal I was attempting to prop myself for another traumatic experience. I looked online for less expensive dental surgery. I figured out that Tijuana’s dental facilities are to a great degree reliable, even with American patients why should willingly cross the border for the brilliant and quality service. Looking over the net for more information, I lurched into the Baja Dental Solutions Tijuana site. They offer web booking for surgeries, which was to a great degree simple. I drove to Tijuana, and I can say that my time and effort are not wasted! The costs are truly extraordinary, the center is perfect and looks exceptionally expert, and the treatment I got from the cordial staff is astonishing. The root canal was almost effortless! I would doubtlessly prescribe Baja Dental Solutions Tijuana to my family and friends.




I was constantly terrified of dental specialists, ever since when I was a young man. I never needed to go to a dental practitioner with the excuse that I’m terrified of the suffering. When I grew up, I understood that there was more to anxiety about (nearby) dental specialists: THE PRICES! Everything is really costly, and for an independently employed gentleman like me, insurance is most likely impossible. So when I expected to have root channels done, I was doubly frightened of my nearest dental specialist. My parents have as of late gone to Mexico on a vacation, and discovered this incredible dental center close to the border. That is you, Baja Dental Solutions Tijuana Clinic! They let me know that the dental practitioners are profoundly qualified, as well as exceptionally pleasant and with to a great degree decent hands. I chose to get over my fear of dental specialists to restore great dental wellbeing, so I went to Tijuana to have the root canal done. This methodology would have bankrupted me back in the US, yet Baja Dental Solutions Tijuana wasn’t just affordable. The dental practitioners are for sure decent and their talents are great. I had an awesome experience, and as I was leaving the facility, I wondered what made me so terrified of dental specialists previously. Consider me a lifetime client of Baja Dental Solutions Tijuana.


I can at long last smile once more!!! … .Thank you, Dra.Guerrero for taking great consideration of me. This was the best dental experience in my life. The new crowns feel great, and they look shockingly better. Most importantly, I can bite now with no inconvenience. I will recommend Baja Dental SolutionsTijuana to anybody I know who needs dental work.

Dear Baja Dental Solutions Tijuana Clinic and the grand staff, I’d like to thank you for the important experience that I had with you folks. I never anticipated that would meet such experts in Mexico, who have helped me recover my smile again. Everything is incredible, from the van pick-up at the air terminal (and back) to the way you made me feel pleasant in your center. I additionally did not hope to get such an incredible and professionally done laser brightening treatment at the costs I have paid. Be guaranteed that I will return the future and convey all my business to you, and, in addition, my family’s! So much thanks from the heart!


Two or three months back, I have lost one of my front teeth due to a sad accident (which, for the most part, includes my face and a concrete floor). At 32 years of age, it is essentially not appealing to stroll around with a front tooth missing, given that I am not eight years of age and I can’t anticipate that the tooth will grow back. Besides, my employment as an advertising advisor includes a considerable measure of talking with individuals, particularly customers who I truly need to amaze. My missing front tooth did detract much from my smile, as well as found that my discourse has endured in view of the air going through the hole. So yes, I truly expected to take care of this missing tooth. I went to a dental specialist in my San Diego neighborhood and observed that I need to get a dental insert since a polish would not by any stretch of the imagination cover the harm. I would not like to get dentures as well since I have constantly related that with an elderly individual. Who realized that dental implants could be so extravagant! Since I work independent, I don’t generally have a decent social insurance arranged for that will take care of the expenses of dental implants. One of my school companions instructed me to go to Tijuana, Mexico to get less expensive rates on dental implants. I have been to Tijuana some time recently, yet on spring break and I just went to the beach. I didn’t believe that I would, one day, go there for a dental procedure. Obviously I was cautious at first—I mean, Mexico is not by any means the first thing you consider regarding the matter of dental surgery. I inquired as to whether she truly implied Tijuana city in Mexico and not some colorfully named nearby facility. Yes, she said. I went online and figured out that dental tourism is a thing. Without a doubt, in my research I found out about individuals who went to Thailand or some Caribbean island for less expensive cosmetic surgery, however I didn’t generally know there is such an unbelievable marvel as dental tourism. Turns out that dental care in Tijuana is truly cheap since the working expenses are lower and there is no requirement for the dentists to have negligence protection. Still, I questioned this as Mexico is not so much a nation known for wellbeing. I weighed out a few centers in Tijuana close to the Mexican border. One article I read said that these centers are sheltered, and extremely shoddy. So I searched for such facilities, looked at the certifications of their dentists and staff. I discovered Baja Dental Solutions Tijuana Clinic one evening, and I was surprised to the point that everything appears to be incredible and sound. I weighed in the site (under the “Medications” area) in the event that they offer dental implants, and they do. The best aspect regarding Baja Dental Solutions Tijuana Clinic is that they have an online stage to book arrangements. I can undoubtedly set an arrangement at the comfort of my home (and without experiencing the disturbance of calling since right now my speech is still affected). The client administration agents hit me up rapidly, and an arrangement was made. I was amazingly satisfied with the service. Currently I have a full set of teeth once more—which are noticeably whiter than some time recently, because of the laser brightening method. I will unquestionably do a reversal to Baja Dental Solutions Tijuana Clinic, and I am bringing my best friend with me!



I don’t accept to avoid things that truly matter, similar to dental surgery. In any case, the costs here in the US are truly huge. When you require dental work, you have to get ready for the sum that you will need to shell out. I once asked a neighborhood dentist about their normal costs, and he said that on the off chance that I need cheap service, I should go to China or Mexico. It was not a decent remark, but rather I chose to look at Mexico since that is close. That elitist dentist truly doesn’t hear what he’s saying. Yes, the costs are lower in Mexico, yet the dental medicine is high quality. When I did my research, I discovered Baja Dental Solutions Tijuana Clinic. The costs are low, the staff is awesome, and the dentists are exceptionally qualified. Will certainly bring all my business there rather than my previous dentist.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]