Our Written Guarantee

We guarantee you to provide our craft and materials, as well as fixing any previous work here in our clinic. We will always stand behind our work and provide best service possible work. This guarantee covers any possible flaws in the materials that may occur later on, as well as any other problems that might result, for example a crown coming off, a denture or a crown that might need any adjustment, or a procedure that needs to be repeated because it hasn’t been done properly. Any work that is under the guarantee will not be charged extra money.

*Our guarantee will not cover any problems that have occurred due to an injury, the patient’s unsatisfying hygiene, diseases, hereditary problems, or as a result of the impact of any outside factors.

**We will not reimburse any travel or hotel expenses of coming back to Tijuana, because we assume that a patient has considered and understood all savings and economic advantages of our procedures and decided to do their dental procedures at our clinic. Therefore, a patient will need to cover their own travel and accommodation costs if they need to return for work under guarantee.

***In case that a patient decides that they want to be done a different crown length or crown color, after dental work is already been cemented in place, they will need to be charged 1/2 the price of the crowns, in purpose of covering the extra costs and lab fees.