Extractions are the last resort for our dentists in Tijuana.

Dental extractions are sometimes the only option to avoid dental complications when pain is unbearable or the cavity has caused total damage to the tooth and its root, and it is not possible to perform a root canal, so you need to remove it. It is recommended to visit a clinic instead of taking the decision of following the procedure at home.

Many times tooth extractions are the last resort that we have in Baja Dental Solutions to continue taking care of our patient’s teeth. Although this is not one of the most recommended solutions, it is true that many times patients who did not take care of their dental problems on time come to us when the tooth is already too damaged and the only way to prevent it from causing pain and discomfort, and also to avoid damaging the other teeth is to extract it.

In Baja Dental Solutions we are experts of dental extractions in Tijuana, and if you want to cover the hole that the removal will leave, we can also take care.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

At Baja Dental Solutions we not only perform extractions of damaged teeth, but we also perform the most professional and appropriate extractions of wisdom teeth, to avoid the pain and discomfort that these can cause.

The wisdom teeth are the last molars located on each side of the jaws. These are the last to appear, they regularly come out when we are 16 or 20 years old.

As they are the last teeth to come out is very common that by the time they are going out we no longer have enough space where they can accommodate, when this happens the wisdom teeth are retained under the gum which produces many pain and swelling.

Some wisdom teeth are managed to come out partially or rotated, and that can also cause intense pain and even disease. It is recommended that young people between 16 and 19 go to the dentist for a professional to evaluate if it is necessary to remove wisdom teeth because before the age of 20 they have less developed roots and few complications, which will make them much easier to remove.

Wisdom teeth can cause some people to experience unusual amounts of pain due to poor positioning of these or lack of space for eruption causing inflammation and sometimes extreme infections and painful dental cysts, and it is best immediate removal to alleviate the problem.  

At Baja Dental Solutions, the procedure for tooth extraction is carried out in the controlled environment of a clinic, with appropriate security measures and sterilized equipment, to avoid any post-operative infection. We prioritize your dental safety. Our dentist’s advice regarding the measures to be taken after extraction.

It is important to clarify that at Dental Baja Solutions we consider Dental Extractions in Tijuana as the last option. However, if is the way to keep teeth protected, you will not have to be scared or nervous, because we use the latest techniques to make the procedure painless and to keep all of our patients comfortable, because that is the most important thing for us.

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