Why Getting Dental Implants in Tijuana, Mexico is always a great idea

Losing a tooth, let alone a series of them is never an easy thing to handle. Other than it will significantly lower your self-esteem, it could also cause additional oral issues. Losing just one tooth can seriously affect your chewing or bite and lead to TMJ, which is a quite painful disease of the jaw bone. Even in case the tooth has already been removed, but its affected root is left, it can further deteriorate any healthy teeth left.

The good news is, there are plenty of ways for you to get your shiny smile back. Some of them are having a bridge placed between a crown or existing adjacent teeth. Both can save any teeth that have been partially damaged, which protects you from losing your tooth at all. Another available option for you is to get dentures, which is amongst the cheapest options. You will need to pair your crowns with dental implants, to make sure that crowns, bridges, and dentures stay in their places.

What Are They?

Dental implants can serve as a substitute for the roots of your affected teeth. It is crucially important that your artificial teeth stay in place once they have been attached into your mouth. Otherwise, you will never be able to correct your bite. Normally, the rest of your teeth will continue to adjust themselves, depending on the movement of your new tooth. Implants will also ensure that the dentures, bridges, and crowns are durable.

How Does It Work?

Dental implants also can be added as a single or a series of freshly implanted teeth. If it’s just one tooth, it will need an abutment, which will act as the connection of the tooth to the prosthesis. Most of the modern implants consist from titanium, which makes them truly very durable, strong, and can fully support the implanted prosthesis.

There are two commonly used ways on how the doctor will attach the implant. One is using the endosteal method, which means that the implant would be screwed directly into the patient’s jawbone. This will make the prosthesis look as natural as it can. However, in case that the jawbone is not sufficiently high, a metal framework will need to be attached to the patient’s jaw before the doctor can place the implant.

What’s the Success Rate?

The implants have a quite high rate of success. They already follow a process called osseointegration, where the implant is able to naturally blend with the rest of the jaw bone, and appear as a natural part of your body. This significantly reduces the odds of infection, because the body is generally designed to attack and reject any foreign substance. This will also lessen other undesired reactions to the procedure.

It’s important to know that the overall success of the procedure depends on two people: the dentist and the patient. You will need to find a dentist in Tijuana who is a specialist in dental implants. They will need to have the experience and expertise, as well as the right credentials to perform the procedure. Currently, Medical & Dental Care Tijuana has highly skilled specialist, who will do the job by appointment..

As it is for you, even if your implant has been attached successfully, you will need to properly take care of your own health, and immediately report any problems you may experience after the procedure.