Why Cosmetic Dentistry in Tijuana, Mexico is so popular with US Patients

The cosmetic industry is a quite popular service, especially in the US. In one of the surveys that have been conducted, it was revealed that almost all of the respondents believed that a good looking smile can help improve their appeal to the opposite sex and  over 70% believe that a beautiful smile can contribute to landing good jobs and become more successful.

Simply said, a beautiful smile can have a huge influence in any person’s quality of life.

However, not all of us have the perfect smile like Julia Roberts. Moreover, as we grow older, or neglect our regular oral health hygiene, we can start to gradually lose the ability to smile beautifully, as our teeth become cracked, uneven, stained, chipped, and even infected and inflamed.

This is the case where cosmetic dentists can help. They basically provide a treatment which main objective is improving, repairing, or restoring the health of the teeth, initially, for an aesthetic look, and then for function. With procedures of cosmetic dentistry, patients can:

  • remove the stains on their teeth and retrieve their shiny and white look
  • Improve their bite
  • Seal the gap between their teeth
  • Prevent any further cavities from developing
  • Make their teeth look more even
  • Prevent enamel from chipping and cracking
  • Avoid losing their teeth

Kinds of Services

Cosmetic dentistry involves a variety of dental services. One of the most frequent is teeth bleaching or whitening. As the name of the procedure suggests, the process includes getting back the natural shine of the teeth, making them look whiter. Building up of food, plaque, and smoking are amongst the typical reasons for teeth becoming stained or yellow. With the application of dental-approved bleach, luckily, such discoloration can disappear. Although home kits for teeth bleaching are available, working with a professional is still the better option, because he can give a more comprehensive examination before the treatment.

Veneers are also an available option, and they are thin layers of material that are being directly applied into the patients’ teeth. They are the “quick” method of whitening your teeth, but they’re usually recommended when bleaching stops having an effect. They can also be applied to close any gap between teeth or for additional protection to the teeth, especially in case that the enamel is already stripped.

Sometimes, even if your teeth appear to be healthy, they still cosmetically don’t look good. For example, your molar might look too much like fangs (as if you came straight from Twilight or another horror-oriented movie) or a tooth might appear significantly larger or taller than your other teeth. Dentists can perform a procedure to simply reshape the tooth using filings. Patients may also need this procedure when you want to implant crowns, dentures, or bridges attached.

Dentures, bridges, and crowns, can also be considered to be cosmetic procedures because they are usually applied when a patient is missing teeth. Dentures are the cheapest option of them all, even though sometimes they sometimes might become loose. Crowns and bridges are also popular and more secure alternatives to dentures.

You shouldn’t wait until you lose your ability to smile until you decide to try cosmetic dentistry. Talk to your dentist as soon as possible, and ask them how you could improve yours.

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