Understanding Implant-Supported Dentures

Usually, if a person loses a tooth and wants to have an implant placed, they choose dentures. Dentures are prostheses attached directly to the patient’s gums. In earlier days, dentures looked very different from the rest of the teeth in color and texture. That made them very easy to spot. In modern days, as technologies improved, we can already, dentures became better looking and harder to tell from the regular teeth.

Dentures are, indeed, affordable, plus they are usually simple to make and apply. However, they can likewise be prone to growing slack. It can happen if the placement of it is incorrect or if the gum it’s connected to can no longer hold them. Perhaps it has already been damaged. Nevertheless, the dentures don’t last for a very long time. Meaning, in some cases implants with dentures would be the better option.

What Are Implant-supported Dentures?

They are still dentures. The only dissimilarity between these and the regular dentures, ones attached to the gums, is that the previous use implants, which are commonly made of titanium. They are directly fixed to the jawbone. Then an abutment ties them to the implanted denture. This works only once there’s no anymore tooth left, but the bone is still in the jaw. These implants, after all, still need to be attached to something. This type of implant support is normally provided to the lower jaw because it requires more stability.

How Long Does It Take?

You won’t be able to get implant-supported dentures straight away. In fact, not every patient is allowed to get them. But to get to know this, you will need to subject yourself to an initial assessment. During the assessment, the dentist will check your teeth and identify the general health condition, any spot issues, and then they will give you the procedure plan. It’s even possible that, prior to you even going through the intensive process, additional types of procedures will be performed, like the teeth shaping, to ensure that implant and the dentures will fit perfectly in your mouth.

The dentist will perform several different tests, including the X-rays, so that they could assess the actual condition of your teeth and the nerves. If a dental-supported denture is available to you, then your dentist will get an impression from you. This means that they will create a mold for your dentures, in case you didn’t get them yet. These dentures are simple to implant, and it’s normal among dentists to attach them right after they’re done. They can also work as temporary implants, while you’re waiting for the final implant, or can be your final dentures, which can help you save more money.

Depending on your availability, this process could take a couple of months. Considering the healing process, and the other factors. The dentist will need to wait for your implant to be appropriately integrated into the bone, before taking any other steps.

Implants with dentures could be quite expensive, but dental clinics in Tijuana can offer you the same quality of service for more than half of the U.S. price.

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