High quality and cost-effective dental care in Tijuana Mexico

To receive high quality, as well as cost-effective dental care, you should go to Tijuana Mexico

Over the last 5 years, we have experienced a stable growth of number of patients coming from other cities in Mexico, as well as other parts of the world, particularly the United States. Maybe it is easiest for you to think that our proximity to US border is the main reason. However, those who came here and experienced what we can offer discovered that our cost-effectiveness and high-quality level make the travel to Tijuana indeed worthwhile.

We are very proud of the fact we can make our services available at such an affordable price. You can simply look at our recent prices:

As you can notice, our dental fees are noticeably lower than in the United States. You could also save up to 50% to 70% of the regular price, and still take advantage of the same services.

We are glad to help our patients make sure they can treat their oral health well. In some cases, our initial consultation will come for free. To make sure that you don’t waste your money coming to Mexico, we normally request our patients to make a call first, and we will schedule an appointment.

Tijuana is very close to the border and California cities such as San Diego. It is common among our patients to take a day trip to the clinic. This way, they do not have to spend more on accommodation and food. They can also choose to leave their cars on the U.S. side and just take the coach or have them picked up by us at no extra cost so they do not have to get stuck in traffic or figure out how our traffic system works.

Nevertheless, if they wish to stay here, they can still save a lot because our food and accommodation are low cost. we have partnered with many hotels near the clinic so they will enjoy discounts whereas having themselves treated. On the common, they need is around $50, that is typically 1/2 the worth of city accommodation.

It Is the standard that actually Matters

Yet, despite the lowest prices of treatment in Tijuana, the standard and attainment don’t diminish. however square measure we have a tendency to ready to do that? it’s ordinarily has one thing to try and do with our value of living. The procedure done in Mexico is actually lower cost in nearly everything than the U.S which puts us to a decent advantage as a result of clinics don’t ought to pay fees to our dentists and employees, however they’re assured that they still get their money’s value and live well within the country.

Our dental universities and training here are cheap, thus professionals don’t have a tough time obtaining the proper education and experience they have to perform their job to the utmost. Our dental boards are strict and still regulate professionals, compelling them to try and do their job with dedication and expertise.

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