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Toothaches are extremely painful. A lot of people compare them to the level to labor, and others even say it is even worse! Toothaches can cause malaise, fever, and infection. They can last from few days to a week, and they can interfere with your daily activities. They are something you wouldn’t wish to your worse enemy.

But why people suffer from toothaches? Most often, the roots are the actual cause. Although the teeth are hard and solid, they contain a soft spot which is known as the pulp. Underneath the pulp are the roots of the teeth, which are very sensitive to both heat and cold. This is why you can properly determine the food temperature. These root canals, sadly, can get inflamed or infected, possibly by the trauma or build-up of bacteria (something hitting you in the mouth strongly, and damaging the roots). If the inflammation or the swelling is not properly treated, it will end up killing the nerves and causing the build-up of an abscess inside of your tooth. The swelling on its own is often enough to cause a toothache.

Abscesses are as equally dangerous since the bacteria have already multiplied several times, and the toxic fluid that has built up has nowhere else to drain. When the situation gets worse, bacteria can affect the rest of your teeth and even the jaw bone. This kind of infection can even cause death.

Get a Root Canal

If the dentist diagnoses that the root is the origin of the pain, then there is a good chance he will recommend you a root canal therapy. It is a procedure in which the actual roots and even the pulp chamber of the tooth are removed. After that, the cavity is cleaned, filled, and finally sealed.

You may ask yourself if the roots are important they truly are, but once the permanent teeth appear, their role is reduced to sensory perception. Given that you still have healthy roots on other teeth, you will still be able to determine temperature. The most important thing for you to remember when you are undergoing a root canal, is that it can contribute to saving your healthy teeth. Further, you can prevent any additional tooth problems and significantly improve your oral health. You can also prevent the discoloration of your teeth.

Is the Procedure Painful?

If you do your root canal procedure in Tijuana, particularly in clinics like Medical & Dental Care Tijuana, they are normally not very painful. You could only feel a certain degree of discomfort. Further, the toothache would be subsided before you can be treated. This is the reason why you will be provided with antibiotics and medications before your root canal therapy.

The procedure needs to be performed by a trained professional, not just by a regular dentist or general dentist. The reason for this is that procedure is quite comprehensive and delicate. It will usually involve the creation of dentures or crowns to secure that the cavity is sealed, and only board-certified experts can do the procedure. Root canal treatment lasts for at least 2 sessions. Also, not everyone will be a good candidate for the procedure. Your dentist will be able to give you the best recommendation to treat your problem.

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