Dental Care: value distinction between Tijuana and USA

It is an indisputable fact that one in every of the most reasons why patients attend Tijuana for aid is value. However, is that the difference?

Huge Discounts

To be clear, though it’s common among dental clinics to supply discounts through promos to their patients and would-be shoppers, these don’t happen all the time. However, that’s still absolutely alright since you’ll be able to get another “discount” in terms of however low the dental costs in Tijuana square measure. You’ll be able to save the maximum amount five hundredths to seventieth from that of the common U.S. fee. for instance, a straightforward molar extraction will value $325. If you come to visit Tijuana, it’ll solely be around $125. However regarding the services. A number of 40 ceramic crowns could also be near $1,500 within the U.S., however, it’s solely regarding $475 once you come to Tijuana.

These savings are gravely vital particularly if you’re taking advantage of the many services. For instance, you’ll not have a few of teeth, and what you would like dental implants and crowns. Don’t be stunned if you all find yourself not being able to pay around $15,000 to $20,000. In Tijuana, you’ll scale back your total expenses for the treatment to $5,000 or perhaps additional.


You may say, “Whatever savings you make will be devoured by travel.” which will be true—simply as a result of several commit to keep long or perhaps a few of days or the weekend in Tijuana. This implies they pay for business enterprise and not only for the treatment alone. They will already attend the beach in Rosarito or style the delicious authentic Mexican food. They will even have a fast tour on a number of the simplest spots in Baja, California. Plenty of patients do take the chance to be in Tijuana and skill its culture, landmarks, food, and everything else. Accommodation choices are as low as $50, and even then, they will get discounts as dental clinics like Medical & Dental Care Tijuana have partnered with a number of them.

Now if you are doing not need any of those, it’s still whole fine. Tijuana is simply some minutes far from the U.S. border and is an extremely near city, California. it’s traditional for patients to depart their automotive set within the U.S. soil, bear customs, so have themselves picked up by our service will in an exceedingly comfy and safe location. we have a tendency to even have shoppers World Health Organization simply flow in—that is, upon arrival from the city field, we have a tendency to then picked them up, send them to the clinic, so when the treatment, they are going back to their state. Our pickup fee from the field is simply $60.

Professional Services

When you get to Tijuana, you’ll be able to save yet as relish sensible worth for cash. However, that’s not all. Skilled service still remains top notch; clinics rent solely board-certified and toughened dental consultants to try and do the duty. Their skills square measure love or perhaps higher than several U.S. dentists.

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