Dental Implants

dental-implantsWe offer the best quality and affordable prices here in Mexico, At BajaDent Tijuana.

For patients who are struggling with the loss of their natural teeth, we can provide a great solution in oral health and cosmetics with our high-quality dental implants, here at BajaDent Tijuana. Our affordable implants look like natural teeth, except that the root consists out of a titanium screw. The doctor will surgically affix the screw into the bone of the jaw. We use the medical-grade titanium that is bio-friendly, and bonds directly to the patient’s bone. This bond will secure the implant and make it stable to last for decades, applying the good oral hygiene. There are few important aspects to dental implantation, our dentist feels like you should know about.

Our Dentist in Mexico explains Dental Implants

Dental implants are recommended as an option for tooth replacement for few reasons:

• First, not like fixed bridges, the implants that we use here, at BajaDent Tijuana, can stand individually, and they do not require any grinding down or adjustment of surrounding teeth so that doctor could apply caps to serve as anchors that fix the bridge.

• Titanium implants contribute to preserving the jaw bone. Once a patient loses his tooth, sometimes the bone will fill itself in. however, the bone will frequently start to deteriorate. This deterioration might endanger the adjacent teeth, from the roots out. The titanium implant screws that our dentist uses, here in Mexico, will actually stimulate the jaw bone to grow.

• As not possible for maintenance of a fixed bridge, these implants can be rinsed, flossed and brushed the same way you would maintain your natural teeth. This will help prevent serious problems with oral health from occurring in the future.

• This is also an affordable solution for improving the appearance of your smile since our implants in can last significantly longer and cause a lot fewer problems with oral health in the years to come. As they may cost a bit more initially, you will need less painful and expensive replacements, as well as create fewer costs for treating periodontal disease. If you have your procedure done with our highly-skilled and experienced dentist in Mexico, you will also save your money and still receive the same high-quality results as you would expect in the U.S.

Skilled at applying dental implants in a wide variety of patients, our dentist in Tijuana is highly recommended for this procedure.

Our implants can be used to either replace individual teeth, and also as anchors for a fixed bridge in replacing multiple teeth. This is done in order to preserve the health of patient’s natural teeth and bone).

Patients need to consider few important facts regarding implants:

• Recovery time can last up to 4 months for upper and 3 months for the recovery of lower teeth. This period is long because takes some time for the jaw bone to bond to the titanium screws to the full. Dr. Vazquez will not use so called “teeth-in-a-day” implants. The reason for that is they will never be able to fully bond to the jawbone, and will most likely need to be replaced within 5-8 years.

• People who have already damaged their jaw bone, or suffer from chronic conditions that might compromise the health of their bones, like diabetes, radiation therapy near the face and neck, advanced periodontal disease, smoking, also may not be recommended implantation.

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